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There are many reasons for applying for a consumer loan. Regardless of whether the washing machine has broken down, unforeseen expenses have appeared or you need some extra money for your dream vacation, consumer loans can be an option. The advantage of a consumer loan is often that you do not need to provide collateral and that the money can be paid out shortly. For this reason, a consumer loan is also often called a day loan. Whatever your reason for taking out a consumer loan, there are some things you need to think about in advance.


1. What should the consumer loan be used for?

consumer loan be used for?

When applying for a consumer loan, it is important that you find out what to spend the money on and how much you need to borrow. It is no secret that it costs money to have a consumer loan, so it is wise and only take out a loan that you know you need, and you know you can service.


2. What is my financial situation?

A consumer loan is serviced with a forward payment once every month. When you have an overview of how much you are able to repay on the loan per month, you can use this as a starting point when deciding what amount you want to apply for.


3. Do I have the opportunity to provide security?

loan security

The interest rates on a loan are often lower if one is able to provide collateral in, for example, housing or movable property. If you have this opportunity, it is important to think about whether you want to take advantage of this.


4. Where should I apply?

There are many providers of unsecured loans online and it is not always easy to find out where you want to apply. Get to know who can offer the best terms on your loan. At Bestmoney Finance you can use a loan calculator that shows how much you have to pay down a month at low, medium and higher interest rates. Such a calculator can help you find out who can offer good terms on a loan.


5. What interest rate do I receive and what do I have to pay on the loan per month?

consumer loan

When you have applied, you will get back loan documents stating loan amount, interest rate and installment amount. It is important to read through the agreement before you sign and return the documents.

An important rule of thumb is that you do not take out more loans than you need or can afford to repay!

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